Extensive Experience In Boston Tax Representation Cases

Theodore L. Craft, Esq., LLM, Attorney At Law & Tax Counsel provides focused, experienced and effective criminal tax defense representation for clients throughout the Boston area.

Have You Received An IRS Tax Summons?

Theodore L. Craft seeks to avoid or limit possible problems. You do have the right to object to production in certain cases in response to receipt of a summons upon you or upon a third party. In other cases, your rights may be limited or are not legally recognized. Your rights involving a summons must be understood.

Have You Failed To File Income Taxes For Several Years?

Mr. Craft can help bring you into compliance with the IRS. He will help you and may be able to avoid the harm to be feared in the form of a criminal matter being initiated by the IRS where income or other taxes have been avoided and assets have been acquired and hidden from IRS scrutiny by nonfiling.

In appropriate cases, and depending upon the facts of each case, however, he may be able to work out a financial arrangement up to and including a compromise in your tax liability. More often than not, circumstances warrant civil disposition of a long-term failure to file income and other tax returns and even suspension of IRS collection efforts.

Do You Face Potential Criminal Tax Charges?

Theodore L. Craft will aggressively defend your rights. His professional and effective efforts serve to protect you from unwarranted government intrusion. Building support for acceptance of evidence you provide, in whole or in part, will assist him to contravene Government notions of wrongdoing.

His goal is to avoid criminal implications entirely. If a criminal tax investigation does result in a prosecution recommendation by the IRS to the Department of Justice, Tax Division, initiated, a case may, in lieu of a criminal trial, result in favorable sentencing being offered and actually resulting from persuasive advocacy having been brought to bear in a Sentencing Memorandum to the judge presiding over the sentencing proceeding. This is accomplished through the process of negotiating a plea agreement and recommendation pursuant to sentencing guidelines to which the government adheres in recommending a sentence.

There are many procedural complexities involved in protecting oneself from financial ruin during IRS audits, investigations and enforced tax collection. The IRS is subject to various procedures and prohibitions laid down by Congress in all of these areas. If one seeks advice early enough in the process, Mr. Craft can bring effective defenses and insights to bear. Protecting your legal rights, defending you, advancing your cause and your evidence in avoidance or mitigation of the harm of financial loss to you is what we do.

Theodore L. Craft — Massachusetts Lawyer Handling IRS Tax Fraud

Mr. Craft provides representation in many types of tax cases, including but not limited to:

Criminal tax defense

In addition to matters involving or having the appearance of involving an IRS or other government investigation-related fraud allegation, Theodore L. Craft serves the public as private counsel in tax matters of all kinds, including:

IRS summons

IRS tax audits

Offers in Compromise

  • Offers in Compromise information

Offshore tax arrangements and defense

Taxable estate vs. probate estate and gift issues

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