Skilled Handling Of Offshore Bank Account Tax Arrangement Cases

Theodore L. Craft, Esq., LLM, Attorney at Law & Tax Counsel provides stellar representation for those who have been accused of participating in abusive offshore tax schemes of one variety or another.

Historically, the Internal Revenue Service has initiated programs for voluntary disclosure of offshore or other tax-advantaged arrangements that are fraudulent or abusive in some way by reason of hiding assets or avoiding [usually income, but also estate] taxation. In these programs, a letter may be sent to a taxpayer by IRS stating that the taxpayer has been identified in such a scheme, and inviting the individual's cooperation in an investigation into their activities. The involvement may go back several years; years as to which the IRS could only assess additional income tax if it asserted the fraud penalty in order to keep the assessment period open under the tax assessment statute.

We have routinely provided representation for individuals notified that they are a target of a criminal investigation for participating in an abusive tax shelter. This includes representing those who have been victims of an unscrupulous promoter selling what the Internal Revenue Service sees as nothing more than snake oil. (That involves tax advantages which have no "economic substance" or "business purpose" and hide income or assets from view behind a veil, so that IRS cannot see the true nature of what activity is taking place.)

The IRS view in either case is that in the transaction or series of transactions in which an individual has been involved, but has hidden behind artificial barriers to transparency, the taxpayer merely attempts to abuse the tax system.

We seek out the best defense available against such allegations and make certain that your interests, as a client, are always represented.

Have You Been Accused Of Hiding Assets In An Offshore Bank Account?

The biggest mistake you can make is to underestimate the seriousness of such matters. The unknown is measured from the point of view of one's perspective on it. While no tax lawyer can predict a future outcome, perspective is everything. In any offshore bank account tax investigative matter, under no circumstance it is a good idea to speak to a special agent of the Internal Revenue Service without first consulting a lawyer.

Theodore L. Craft is an experienced Boston area tax lawyer with a complete understanding of substantive and procedural criminal tax law. Contact his law office if you are the subject of an IRS audit for alleged tax avoidance and there is involvement in the way of money concealed from IRS scrutiny through an offshore tax arrangement.

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