A Lawyer Who Understands How To Negotiate Offers In Compromise

If you owe taxes to the IRS that you cannot pay, it may be possible to negotiate an offer in compromise (OIC), which can reduce your tax liability. Although the IRS has guidelines in place to determine the amount of an OIC, negotiating an OIC is not always a simple nor straight-forward procedure. In fact, so many complex factors go into an OIC that you should not attempt it on your own. Your best bet is to consult with a tax lawyer who has the expertise and knowledge needed to obtain the best possible results.

Theodore L. Craft is an experienced Boston area attorney who can help negotiate an acceptable offer in compromise. He has successfully negotiated numerous OICs on behalf of numerous clients and always works to reduce his clients' tax liabilities as much as possible.

Choosing An Effective Negotiation Strategy

There are only two places the IRS can get the money it is owed — from your assets or from your future stream of income. The key to a successful OIC negotiation is to convince the IRS that the value of one or both of those is worth less than what the IRS believes.

Attorney Craft will thoroughly review your situation and choose the best negotiation strategy for your case. For example, say you owe $1.7 million in taxes, but your house is worth only $900,000 in today's real estate market. It may make sense to use an objective appraisal to convince the IRS to enter into an OIC. In terms of personal income, showing the true level of your expenses may show the IRS that you cannot really pay off your tax liabilities from your income.

Experience And Expertise Make A Difference

Many OIC cases involve complicated facts. Attorney Craft has more than 40 years of experience, working both as an attorney for the IRS and as a private tax attorney. He has the knowledge needed to resolve the complex tax problems of high asset and high income people. Mr. Craft will do everything possible to resolve your tax problems in a positive manner.

Contact A Massachusetts IRS Tax Negotiation Attorney

If the IRS claims that you owe them more than what you can afford, legal relief may be an option. Contact a tax lawyer online or call 888-TAX-RISK to schedule an initial consultation to discuss your situation.