A Lawyer There For You During An IRS Tax Audit

Massachusetts IRS tax audit attorney Theodore L. Craft has more than 40 years of experience examining tax returns and representing clients in IRS audit cases. He also handles cases involving audit protests and appeals. His clients have included small-business owners, individuals in professional practices and large corporations. Mr. Craft can review your situation, explain the audit process, and discuss what is required to avoid or limit the potential harm to you.

Why Are You Being Audited?

The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) selects tax returns for audits for a number of reasons. Some audits result from computer screenings based on certain criteria. In others, the IRS may have specific information from a source that has caused it to question the truthfulness or completeness of the information on the return. Regardless of the reason for the audit, you should not meet with the IRS without retaining legal counsel. Failure to get legal advice could harm your ability to affect the outcome and may expose you to higher tax liabilities. Theodore L. Craft, Esq., LLM, Attorney at Law & Tax Counsel will be there for you from the moment the possibility of an audit arises until the entire matter is resolved in the best possible manner.

What Might One Expect To Happen In The Event Of A Tax Audit?

The answer is, "it depends." In an income tax audit case, for example, some general statements can be made. Especially in those cases in which the audit is one conducted in the field for the examination of the books and records of a business by an IRS Revenue Agent. The agent will be looking to verify that the factual information presented on the return is correct from:

  • Verification of reported transaction details from books and records regularly maintained, and which, theoretically, ought to support the financial information presented on an income tax return (income and expenses)
  • Corroboration of the accuracy of income reported from a bank and other financial records in addition to internal books and records
  • Answers provided by the taxpayer (the client) to questions relating to disclosures of matters made or not made, and which are essential to determining the accuracy of representations made on an income tax return or returns
  • Confirmation of third-party relationships
  • Reconciliation of expense or capital expenditure to business necessity and use

One is more often than not ill-prepared to respond to demands for production of financial and tax records, and for explanations of how these records support information on an income tax return or returns. Business, banking and tax records enjoy no privilege of nonproduction. Nonperformance is not an option. Time is usually of the essence. Thus, timely performance is of critical importance.

As is the case in an enforced tax collection action, or in any matter in which there appears to be a sense that fraud may be suspected, one cannot see leverage in the situation. One cannot afford anything less than a truly knowledgeable, effective advocate. Attorney Theodore L. Craft stands in your shoes as advocate for what has been done or not done. This assures you receive treatment in a civil, sensible manner, and your matter resolved as quickly as possible.

Providing Comprehensive Audit Representation Services

The IRS already knows a great deal about you when you are called in for an audit. In fact, it may have obtained much more information about you than it appears on your tax returns from a third party such as a bank, an employee, relative or business competitor.

When representing you, attorney Craft will first try to determine why the IRS has called you or your business in for an audit. Since he has handled hundreds of audit cases and formerly worked for the IRS as its legal counsel, he understands how to determine the IRS's purpose. He is the go-to person for developing an appropriate response and attitude.

Mr. Craft will carefully examine all aspects of your case and represent you zealously during the audit. He knows which standards of weight and sufficiency of evidence the IRS uses when evaluating returns for audit changes, and how to be responsive to IRS determinations or findings. The goals of attorney Craft will be to present your case in the best light and to influence the outcome in your favor to the best of his ability.

IRS Audit Appeals

If after an audit the IRS determines that you owe additional taxes, you have the right to contest the decision. Mr. Craft can represent you in an audit protest to the IRS Appeals Division. If that is not successful, he can petition the United States Tax Court or Federal District Court for relief in a tax appeal.

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