Advice And Guidance Following An IRS Summons

The IRS has the power to issue a summons to a taxpayer or third party that requires the person to produce documents or appear in court. They are typically issued in cases involving tax audits, tax collection actions or in a criminal tax investigation.

What you say to an IRS agent or produce in response to a summons could place you in jeopardy. If you have received an IRS summons, it is very important to respond appropriately and obtain representation by a knowledgeable lawyer.

Decades Of Experienced Tax Law Representation

Theodore L. Craft has more than 40 years of experience in the field of tax law. He represents clients who are summoned to IRS audits, face criminal tax investigations and in other tax matters. After discussing why the IRS wants to talk with you, Mr. Craft can develop an appropriate response.

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Responding To Internal Revenue Service Tax Audits

The most common IRS summons is for the purposes of calling a taxpayer into a tax audit circumstance. Having handled innumerable audit cases with hundreds of substantive and procedural issues resolved while at the IRS and as an attorney in private practice, Theodore L. Craft will determine the purpose of the audit and provide complete representation for you during the audit.

Dealing With Criminal Tax Issues

A summons regarding a potential criminal tax charge requires a strong and effective response. In his positions at the IRS Office of Chief Counsel in Boston, Massachusetts, Theodore L. Craft formerly prosecuted people accused of criminal tax charges. He now works tenaciously to defend the rights and freedom of people accused of criminal tax violations.

Taking Action After Receiving A Summons For Tax Collection Purposes

You can be summoned as part of a tax collection action by the IRS. To protect yourself and your assets, call upon the expertise of Theodore L. Craft.

The IRS can also summon for the purpose of investigating a third party, your involvement in tax shelters and other specialized purposes.

Let Theodore L. Craft put his extensive experience and knowledge of the tax laws to work for you.

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