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The firm of Theodore L. Craft, Esq., LLM, Attorney at Law & Tax Counsel is dedicated to helping individuals and companies in New England overcome serious tax problems. Founded by Theodore L. Craft in 1985, the firm offers everyone it represents unique advantages in cases involving complex tax issues. These include extensive experience, good working relationships with IRS personnel and comprehensive knowledge of the intricacies of tax law.

While obtaining favorable results in any tax case depends greatly upon the facts and applicable law, legal advocacy is not just about the facts and the law. It matters greatly how evidence in a case is organized, which of many paths offered might be taken, what procedures are important to understand and how effectively one's advocacy is brought to bear. Often, the winning argument is as much about how one's record, fact pattern or enterprise is perceived as it is about how "applicable" tax law is applied to the facts.

Theodore L. Craft has strong advocacy skills. In an IRS audit or in the courtroom, he will work diligently to present you in a favorable light and resolve the controversy in the most positive manner possible.

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Experience You Can Depend On

Theodore L. Craft is a Boston, Massachusetts, tax appeal lawyer with 13 years of federal government criminal and civil tax experience in:

  • High-level tax policy making and management of tax litigation in the Internal Revenue Service Office of Chief Counsel
  • Development of tax law positions in national and international tax litigation by the Department of Justice, Tax Division
  • Litigation in the United States Tax Court and prosecutorial responsibility in federal tax crimes for the IRS

Since 1985, Theodore L. Craft has represented individuals and businesses in tax matters involving IRS audits cases, IRS collection actions, criminal tax charges, tax appeals and other complex tax problems.

Theodore L. Craft has served as co-counsel for tax clients with some of the top law firms in the country, and he is regularly sought out for referral of tax matters by well-respected law firms and certified public accounting firms for both direct or co-representation of tax clients.

Whether it involves a tax audit, alleged tax fraud or other tax matter, you can depend on Theodore L. Craft to represent you with skill and determination.

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