Defending Against Tax Investigations Following Offshore Tax Arrangements

Many of my firm's clients have been participants in abusive offshore tax schemes of one variety or another. Typically, the Internal Revenue Service has sent a letter stating that the individual charged has been identified in such a scheme, and inviting that person's cooperation in an investigation into their activities. Typically, the involvement goes back several years; years as to which the IRS could only assess additional income tax if it asserted the fraud penalty in order to keep the assessment period open under the tax assessment statute. Many times, where an individual may be notified that he is a target of a criminal investigation relating to an involvement as a participant in an abusive tax shelter, that person has been a victim of an unscrupulous promoter selling what the Internal Revenue Service sees as nothing more than snake oil. The IRS view in either case is that in the transaction or series of transactions in which the taxpayer has been involved are merely attempts to abuse the tax system.

The High Stakes Concerning Tax Investigations

The biggest mistake that anyone can make is to underestimate the seriousness of such matters. The unknown is measured from the point of view of one's perspective on it, and while no tax lawyer however skilled in criminal tax defense can predict a future outcome, perspective is everything. In any offshore tax investigative matter, or criminal tax investigation generally, under no circumstance it is a good idea to speak to a special agent of the Internal Revenue Service without first consulting a lawyer with a complete understanding of substantive and procedural criminal tax law. I have that understanding.

Look to the following sites of The United States Department of Justice and elsewhere to read further about prosecution of offshore tax scams and abusive tax shelters.

For information on the 2012 elective IRS initiative offshore "program" for United States Citizens owning undisclosed foreign accounts.

For information on the newest [Post July 1, 2014] elective initiative for " streamlined offshore compliance."

After navigating through the links on the IRS Program Site, please call my office. Although legal advice cannot be given over the telephone, a brief but free consultation will be provided concerning the program.

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