Providing Legal Options In Substance Over Form Tax Matters

The doctrine of substance over form was created over time by the courts. In essence, the law makes it necessary to have a relationship between a tax benefit, such as a tax deduction, deferral or a beneficial characterization of income, and an objective that relates to a business purpose or a profit motive. When tax motivation outweighs a business purpose, criminal tax liability may come into play.

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Determining A Business Purpose Or Profit Motive

When a taxpayer's motivation is unrelated to a business or profit motive, the court may decide that the "form" of the taxpayer's efforts do not reflect the "substance" of the issue at hand. If the court reaches this determination, then the intended tax benefits will be denied. That is why it is important to have a true economic purpose in a tax undertaking beyond an attempt to receive tax benefits.

If a taxpayer is motivated by tax avoidance, then this motive will not enter into the analysis if the undertaking has an economic reality as far as a business purpose and a true expectation of profits is concerned. A taxpayer has a right to attempt to decrease his or her taxes under the confines of the law. However, the law does not allow taxpayers to set up artificial devices and arrangements of form in an effort to conceal their true nature, which is solely to derive some type of tax benefit.

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