Criminal Tax Defense Practice Overview

Do you believe that you may be the target of a criminal tax investigation by the IRS? Have you been told that you are the target of a grand jury investigation? You need an attorney who can address these questions, break down the nature of the IRS inquiry and the type of records the IRS is looking for, and project where the IRS is going with the case.

Theodore L. Craft, Esq., LLM, Attorney at Law & Tax Counsel maintains a criminal tax defense practice in the Boston area. He is a senior criminal tax defense tax attorney with more than 25 years of experience in private practice. For 12 years before opening his private practice, attorney Craft was a trial lawyer in tax cases for the federal government.

A Brief Description Of Our Practice

At my criminal tax defense practice based in my office in Melrose, Massachusetts, I take potential IRS administrative fraud cases and cases in which referrals have been made for criminal tax prosecution by IRS to The Department of Justice, Tax Division. In such cases I possess a wealth of experience, which brings understanding to effect for my clients. I bring a steady, guiding and clinical hand to every defense I take on.

Understanding Your Options During Criminal Tax Investigations

Criminal investigations examine personal situations and business relationships of every kind and description. A thorough understanding of your evidence [from your statements and record] and of IRS interpretations of law in your case will supply a basis upon which to reasonably project where the IRS appears to be going with your case and why. You and the IRS may interpret your tax facts and data differently. In my criminal tax defense practice, I highlight weaknesses to strengthen defenses and follow the best practices and procedures to settle with IRS administratively wherever possible. Should it develop that the IRS compiles evidence overwhelmingly against you, and a referral for criminal prosecution is made, I will vigorously represent your interests throughout plea negotiations and sentencing arguments if a trial is not an option.

The firm represents businessmen and women engaged in every type of business throughout the Boston area and Massachusetts, and anyone who is required to maintain records that are subject to IRS review. I have developed an expertise in summons procedures and foreign bank account reporting paradigms and, moreover, regularly advise businessmen and women who have not filed income tax returns for some time. Evasion of tax through nonfiling may be proved by the actions of the taxpayer during the years of nonfiling. However, voluntary disclosure more often than not trumps an IRS criminal investigation, barring "triggering events."

In addition to willful evasion, lesser but serious criminal violations of tax law may occur. Depending upon the strength of the Government's proof, and its conviction, tax violations are most often prosecuted under the following circumstances:

  • Signing a return under penalties of perjury which is knowingly false
  • Making material misstatements to mislead the Government
  • Omitting large amounts or entire classifications of income
  • Hiding sources of income or falsifying the nature of transactions

Contact A Boston Area Criminal Tax Defense Attorney

Everyone is entitled to a presumption of innocence. Contact me at my Melrose office at 800-481-8209 or 888-TAX-RISK.