Trusted Representation When Facing Criminal Tax Allegations

Theodore L. Craft has extensive experience defending people and corporations accused of criminal tax violations. He is highly knowledgeable, aggressive in his approach and determined to obtain the best possible outcome for everyone he represents.

Contact attorney Theodore L. Craft for a consultation about your case. Mr. Craft can review your situation and discuss possible defense strategies with you.

Act Quickly To Protect Your Rights And Options

At some point, a civil tax investigation can turn into an IRS tax investigation. If you have reason to believe that you may be the target of a criminal tax investigation by the IRS, or you have been told that you are the target of a grand jury investigation, you should obtain legal representation as soon as possible.

In many cases, cooperation, even by a target of an investigation, can enable a person to avoid an indictment and other negative consequences. In some cases, a framework of relief from the harm of criminal sentencing can result. The best approach is always to undertake a comprehensive and thorough defense effort from the moment that a hint of a charge of fraud in respect of tax obligations arises.

Theodore L. Craft will provide you with an objective and realistic evaluation of your legal options. Once you decide how you wish to proceed, Theodore L. Craft will begin to determine the best resolution of your criminal tax matter and to aggressively work towards achieving your goal.

Providing A Strong Defense Against Sham Transaction Allegations

Sham transactions and related matters are some of the many types of tax abuse charges that Theodore L. Craft defends. The IRS takes a dim view of transactions that have no business purpose other than serving to reduce taxes. People who, individually or through a business, engage in financial practices such as entering into and presenting tax results of sham transactions on income tax returns, orchestrate the receipt of constructive dividends, and participate in offshore tax shelters or maintain foreign accounts without adequate compliance with disclosure laws often face very serious civil penalties at best and criminal prosecution and conviction at worst.

If you have received a letter from the IRS, a phone call from an IRS agent or are in receipt of an IRS summons, you should not respond before talking with experienced tax defense lawyer Theodore L. Craft. Without representation, you may reveal what may appear to be innocuous information that binds you later and could expose you to significant civil tax liabilities or criminal charges.

More Than 40 Years Of Experience Providing Tax Law Representation

Theodore L. Craft is a tax defense attorney with more than 40 years of experience investigating and defending people accused of tax abuses. He served as special trial attorney (Civil and Criminal Business) in the IRS Office of Chief Counsel and as senior trial attorney in the Refund Litigation Division. He was trained as a trial lawyer by the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. He has extensive trial experience as a private defense attorney. He tenaciously defends the rights and freedom of those he represents. He has successfully represented hundreds of business and personal clients in Massachusetts and throughout New England who have been involved in adversarial matters with the IRS and/or the Department of Justice.

When representing you, Theodore L. Craft will thoroughly investigate the facts and develop the best strategy for dealing with your tax problem. In some cases, it may be possible to demonstrate the legality and good faith of financial practices which have been brought into question in a tax inquiry. Voluntary disclosure of financial practices which might be seen to have been conducted in bad faith for tax purposes may also enable you to avoid criminal charges. Other cases may require an all-out criminal tax defense effort. Theodore L. Craft will explain the legal and factual issues in your case, so that you can make informed decisions about how to proceed.

Contact A Lawyer For Your Alleged Criminal Tax Issues

The penalties for conviction in federal tax and white collar crime cases can be severe. You cannot afford anything less than a strong and effective defense effort. Boston area tax evasion defense lawyer Theodore L. Craft will tenaciously represent you at all stages of the legal process.

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