Firm’s Methodology To Handling A Case

Memorandum To Prospective Clients Regarding Case Management Methodology


This is to express the approach a new client could expect would be taken in my office for managing a case or controversy to resolution:

  • I first establish what it is that you wish to hire my firm to do, and then define it in writing, for your review and approval. Arrangements are made to fund the work required to be accomplished in the preliminary stage of a case.
  • I then begin the process of building a file, that is, to obtain and review documents, evaluate factual information, including, if required, witness testimony pertinent to the objectives of the representation and to the issues involved.
  • At an early stage, research might be conducted into precedent in case law and procedure to test your objectives against the reality of your information base. This important stage includes "weighing" the relative value of your documents and other factual information as proof. We have to ask to what extent your objectives have a probability of realization with reference to the facts we might expect to establish, given the best possible application of your proof. A record is made of evidence and positions to be advocated.
  • We always ask: in pursuit of the client's objectives, what are the best and worst-case scenarios? Can some reasonable expectation of a result be qualified at some point in the case? Can predictions hold without knowing the extent to which opposing forces may commit resources or put up resistance to settlement on terms favorable to the client in some meaningful way to which the client will respond?
  • We seek ways by which we might eliminate downside risks to he extent we can, and manage known risk with thoroughly researched, creative and effective written advocacy, improving and/or expanding the proof and qualitative character of the advocacy as we proceed.
  • We value our relationships. We continue to build on our foundation of well-developed skills in the law of taxation and the procedural regimes, which must be understood to bring our clients through the process. Effectiveness in implementing the clients, objectives means to us that we have to be the best, not that we have to seem to be the best.